About The People Say Booyah

The name of The People Say Booyah comes from a middle school joke where my good friend and I would say "and the people say booyah"anytime something positive happened in sports for our team. Since he decided to be in finance trying to figure out a way to swindle your money and cause the next great recession, I get the rights to the name for the blog.

I'm Christian West (though those closest to me call me Big Papa C.West), die-hard Philly fan, Northwestern student, contrarian and unabashed lover of Allen Iverson (obviously) and Donovan McNabb. I'm here to up the snark.

The point of this blog is to challenge your long-held beliefs about sports. I'm here to educate. Humor will be used. Understanding of sarcasm is required.

You can contact me via e-mail and of course on Twitter. I'm always willing to engage.